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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
If you can't find an answer to your question, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact us.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
If you can't find an answer to your question, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact us.


The power of a professionally made video-course compared to a traditional class course, is the opportunity to watch it whenever you want and wherever you are. Just step back anytime to a less clear topic and watch it as often as you need: it's free! You can do all this without pay and phisically attend class lessons. The statistics assure that in a classroom lesson, less than 60% of what's taught is actually learned. Sometimes because you are still focusing on the previous topic, or because you're still writing your notes, and sometimes also because the teacher is not always clear. Being able to go back to notions of your choice, with no limits of space and time, it is definitely a big advantage.

“Wine Tasting Essentials” video-course is a specific course designed to transform students into real wine tasters and that can only happen following a precise method and certain guidelines in order to be able to taste any wine. Even during traditional sommelier courses the practical lesson is in the queue of theory where slides and short movies are shown to students. The strength of “Wine Tasting Essentials” is that movies and images are visible at the exact moment when you are learning the concept or the notion, without hesitations, loss of time, nearby distractions, bad working projectors, and a volume not loud enough whenever the speaker has no microphone.
For best results it is recommended to give an initial vision of the entire course, before studying step by step the section about wine tasting.
For each wine poured into the glass: first make sure you have learned and practiced several times visual analysis, after a certain period of time and open bottles move on to the olfactory analysis and later gradually to the taste and organoleptic analysis. Always follow the guidelines of the wine tasting form and professional terminilogy.
Another advice is to watch the video-course individually, but after see friends and fans who are following the same course or another professional wine tasting course, to discuss and analyze wines all together, comparing sensations about the wines you are tasting.
Sometimes students organize dining parties where everyone brings a different bottle, so that in a single night they have at least 5 or 6 wines to talk about and "My Wine live" social network will allow you to keep in touch with all friends who share the same passion, as well as make new ones.
The very first times it is useful and recommended to watch wine tasting videos on our Youtube channel. Many of the featured wines are mostly available and reasonably priced. CLICK HERE for our Youtube channel.

It really just depends on how seriously you watch the course and especially by the practice of tasting. A sommelier is a figure currently with no professional record but recognized in HORECA by contract. In order to become a sommelier you need to be strict to the training program organized by the main associations recognized by the goverments ancd chambers of commerce and then claim the theoretical and practical exams which are surely complex. Watching the video-course offered for free by My Wine live and practicing with the wine tasting given tools, you can consider to become a wine taster and with a lot of practice you can even become a Sommlier.

“Wine Tasting Essentials” is definitely an excellent shortcut to get a broad and specific knowledge that is very closed to the one of graduated Sommelier, but don't forget that aside from the basics, the training of a sommelier is particularly characterized by the practice, tasting and analyzing typically four wines each lesson. During the whole training course divided into three levels for a total amount of 45 lessons, about 180 different wines are tasted. It is therefore important to acknowledge that beside practice, passion and self confidence will really make the difference.
Wahtching “Wine Tasting Essentials” prior to a regular Sommeliercourse is strongly recommended because it will make it easy to learn and it will helps to select the most important basics from the less important ones, thanks to an accurate summary offered by “Wine Tasting Essentials”.

There is no time to consider but a few factors. The first factor is the passion that should never miss as well as wine should never miss!
Learning all the theoretical concepts is surely important to figure out how to juggle in practice. One without the other would not make any sense.
Another key factor is the exercise. With not enough exercise it is not possible to develop the sensory skills necessary to become a wine taster.
Another critical factor is self confidence: it is important to be sure of what you will smell and taste during the analysis of a wine and never accept to get influenced by others.
“Wine Tasting Essentials” provides precise and effective tools to always follow the path and always be sure of what you are evaluating with an accurate analysis at a professional level.

It is just like asking why supportin your favourite sport team rather than another one. A course is effective if it is able to transmit everything that needed to reach a professional and practical level. “Wine Tasting Essentials” is quick and free and it represents a valuable alternative to other professional courses for all the ones that for whatever reasons can not attend a classroom sommelier course.
It is as normal as possible that there are many other effective courses. To be able to rate them you should have attended them all. “Wine Tasting Essentials” has been carefully developed to provide professional skills for everyone. Also the purpose of this course is to fill some critical gaps you may find in some certified Sommelier courses, such as the analysis and evaluation of aftertaste. Because of this lack of accuracy, many clamorous mistakes has been done even at highest levels.

“Wine Tasting Essentials” was designed for those who seriously want to get closer to the knowledge and the consumption of quality wines thanks to an accurate synthesis and selection of fundamental notions concerning the production, classification of wines, tasting and pairing with food. The didactic sections of the course are nine: 1- General Warnings (to understand how to approach the tasting) 2- From grapevine to wine (to learn about vines and viticulture) 3- How wine is produced (to learn how to produce the different types of wine) 4- Getting ready for service (to learn the wine service techniques and manage temperatures) 5- the wine tasting (to develop the sensory memory and the method of analysis) 6- Knowledge you should know (an overview on the European wine legislation) 7- Let's focus on Italian wines (an overview on the unique Italian wine panorama) 8- Concepts in pairing with food (to learn matching techniques with food) 9- Some useful tips (practical tips and tricks to become more and more professional).

My Wine live recommends to follow the video-tasting on our Youtube channel for a guidance and a direct comparison with an expert sommelier. Many of the bottles presented in video-tasting are easily available and are reasonably priced. Many of the featured wines are mostly available and reasonably priced. CLICK HERE for our Youtube channel.

As in all sectors, the method and practice are key and winning factors whilst self confidence will come naturally. If you prefer to have a kind of examination to feel sure about your skills, the advice is to buy one of the bottles shown any of the video-tastings on our Youtube channel, and before following the video, fill your own wine tasting form and after that simply watch the video to compare your details with the ones described by - the sommelier. CLICK HERE for our Youtube channel.

“Wine Tasting Essentials” was designed to provide quicvk and professional training for everybody: not only to wine lovers, but especially for HORECA staff. For those who daily serve wines, it is vital to do it properly, in order to give the vanue a good reputation and match customer expectations. In all honesty very rarely wine is served properly and almost only in higher end restaurants, where the management and staff are highly qualified. “Wine Tasting Essentials” is certainly the most simply and effective response to all those who need to learn how to manage wines in a professional manner but they can not effort to invest time and money to professionally train staff offering them expensive classroom courses.

“Wine Tasting Essentials” is not a simple documentary about wine and it is intended for those who seriously want to become a wine taster or a Sommlier. It is a powerful professional tool, fast and effective, combined with the wine tasting form and the professional terminology for the correct wine tasting.
The right approach to ensure success and achieve professional results isn't just watch the course once or twice, but above all practicing what you have learned by filliing the wine tasting form every time taht you taste a new wine and also do it at least mentally when you are in the restaurant.
The wine tasting form and terminology chart are available on this website free for registered users.
“Wine Tasting Essentials” is also supplied as an Ebook available on Amazon, to take it with you anywhere on your mobile phone, tablet, ebook reader or laptop, always ready to clarify doubts or concerns.

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