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Italian (IT) English (UK)

Free wine tasting course

All the essentials to quickly become a real wine taster.

Wine tasting Essentials

"Wine tasting Essentials" is a complete and easy video-course that will allow you to become a real wine taster in a very short time. The course is so effective thanks to an accurate and detailed synthesis of all the fundamentals. Only the most important notions are reported for you to learn quickly about the production, the classification of wines, the tasting and pairing with food.

The course includes 11 videos and 9 sections:
1 - General warnings
2 - From grapevine to wine
3 - How wine is produced
4 - Getting ready for service
5 - The wine tasting
6 - Knowledge you should know
7 - Let's focus on Italian wines
8 - Concepts in pairing with food
9 - Some useful tips
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