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Italian (IT) English (UK)
If you love wine
you love My Wine live
If you love wine you love My Wine live
Free on line services for wine lovers.

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ABOUT My Wine Live

Key features of our community

Wine tasting course

An easy and free video-course that will turn yourself into a real wine taster in a very short time.

Live My Wine live

Share with the community all your wine tasting experiences, pictures, videos and links creaeting your groups.

App for smartphone and tablet

Download My Wine live App to take always with you on cell phone or tablet. The whole service package always in your pocket.

Professional tools

The wine professional terminology and an organized scheme to learn and report every single detail of the wines that you taste.

Wine bank

It is an archive containing the tastings of the whole community. Compare yours with the ones of others and find precise informations.


An archive of video-tastings regarding selected bottles as a learning tool or to provide informations about wines to buy.

Promotions at cost prices

Countdown promotions in which users share group targets in order to obtain the prices dedicated to dealers.

Direct shop

Buy your favourite wines directly from the producer.

We care about your budget.

You can buy the wines you prefer and pay as little as a dealer or a caterer.
With the same budget you can either buy more wine, increase the quality or simply enjoy the money saved.

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